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Welcome to our website aimed at providing information on the proposed expansion to the North and East of Banchory.


************************ LATEST NEWS *************************

November 2014 - We have spent much of 2014 liaising with Aberdeenshire Council and several consultees on the masterplan for Banchory North, which has been rebranded as Lochside of Leys. Much of this work was related to tweaking the masterplan to align accurately with planning policy, and ensure it provided the best possible template for development over the coming years. Extensive analysis work has also taken place with regard to flood risk and traffic impact, to ensure that SEPA and Aberdeenshire Council are satisfied that the development can take place without any adverse impacts. November 2014 saw the submission of the finalised masterplan, which can now be viewed on the Proposals page of this site. We are hopeful that this can be approved early in 2015 along with a Planning Permission in Principle application for the site.

Full Planning Permission has been sought for the first phase of 56 houses, immediately North of the existing Energy Centre in Hill of Banchory. It is our aim to make a start on the development in early summer of 2015. This is a very exciting time, and we are confident that the development will provide an attractive and highly sustainable expansion to the town.

************************** FEEDBACK **************************

Having had the opportunity to reflect on the exhibition, and read through the responses provided at the event and by email thereafter, we have prepared a report addressing the issues raised. This formed the main content of our presentation to the Banchory Community Council on the 10th December. This report will be expanded to address feedback from the Community Council, and any additional comments received during the consultation process. The current report can be viewed by clicking here.

************************** EXHIBITION **************************

North Banchory Company have submitted the Proposal of Application Notice to Aberdeenshire Council, and to the two local Community Councils. In order to make the most of the public engagement process, we held an exhibition of the proposals on the 22nd November (6pm-9pm) and 23rd November (10am-4pm) in the Conference Room at Banchory Business Centre. Around 100 people attended the exhibition over the two days, with 79 people signing the attendance register.

exhibition1exhibition 2

exhibition 3exhibition 4

Representatives of North Banchory Company and their design team were present to answer questions and discuss any aspect of the development. We were unable to record all conversations that took place, and encouraged people to make their comments in writing either at the event in the comments books, or afterwards if that was more convenient. The email address is

For those unable to attend, the exhibition boards can be viewed online by clicking the images below (the main exhibition is on the left, and two larger boards are on the right) and will provide an opportunity for comments for a period of two weeks after the event. We would therefore ask that comments are submitted by the 7th December. We hmade a short presentation to the Banchory Community Council on the 10th December reporting the outcomes of the exhibition, and the process from this point forward. We have extended an offer to do the same for Crathes, Drumoak and Durris Community Council. The feedback from the Community Council is extremely helpful, and will enable us to hone our proposals.

exhinition 1exhibition 2


Aberdeenshire Council adopted the new Local Development Plan on the 1st June 2012. This plan identifies land for development up until 2023. Banchory is identified as a settlement where further growth is appropriate. The settlement map from the Local Development Plan is shown below.

LDP planThe majority of the land identified for expansion is located to the North and East of the Town. The allocations are broken down as follows: -

• Site H1 is allocated for up to 15 houses in the first phase.

• Site H2 is allocated for up to 50 houses in the second phase and will be subject to a masterplan.

• Site M1 is allocated for a mix of uses to include up to 30 houses in the first phase as a demonstration eco village, tourism uses, and community uses including playing fields, one full size football pitch, and a park and ride facility.

• Site M2 is allocated for a mix of uses to include 345 houses and 2ha of business land with 135 houses in the first phase and 210 houses in the second phase. This includes 135 houses from site R3 which was in the previous local plan for housing and allows site R3 to be reserved for new educational uses. Proposals on site M2 should protect the Loch of Leys Local Nature Conservation Area. A masterplan is required for the site.

The aim of this website is to provide information on each of these three sites. It is logical to put all of this information in one place, to provide as comprehensive a source of information as possible.

Purpose of this website

This website will include all the up to date information relating to the masterplan that North Banchory Company are developing for the M2 and H2 sites, and the brief they are developing for the M1 site.

Proposal of Application Notices have been submitted for the two sites, starting a formal community consultation process. The aim is to hold a public exhibition of the proposals, and encourage public feedback to them. We will then consider the feedback and amend the proposals as appropriate, and provide additional information where required. For the M2 and H2 sites, this will then be submitted to Aberdeenshire Council as a masterplan. Following the Council's approval of the masterplan, an application for planning permission in principle for the site will be submitted. For the M1 site, the aim is to agree a framework for the development of the site with the local community, to lead to the development of individual elements of the scheme. There is no requirement to prepare a masterplan for this site, but given the range of uses and the prominance of the site, the community consultation process is being volunteered to ensure the development is carried out in the best way possible,

All of the information provided at the exhibition will be included on this website, along with supporting reports and documentation. This will offer an accessible source of information at all times. Whilst the exhibition will be a key event in this process, we acknowledge that not everyone can attend one-off events, and that some may be reluctant to come forward with questions or comments. All feedback received to this website will be given equal weight to comments received at the exhibition. A dedicated email address has been set up at to provide feedback and ask questions directly.

Proposal of Application Notice (PoAN)

This page will outline the intended course of community consultation to be undertaken to meet the statutory requirements ahead of the submission of a planning application for the development of the site. We would envisage at least one public exhibition, and potentially more meetings or events. The PoAN itself is a notice sent to the Council's Planning Service, detailing the proposed consultation process. This must be agreed between us and the Council as a suitably inclusive process. A copy of the PoAN will be sent to the Community Council also.


On this page we will provide the most up to date set of proposals, including the masterplan reports, along with background information for download. When we make amendments to the proposal, we will include an archive of previous plans and reports, so that the evolution of the proposal can be followed.


On this page we will provide all of the information displayed at the exhibition, to allow those unable to attend to consider the proposals and comment on them. We will also provide details of consultations held, and those proposed, be that with the wider community, the Community Council or other groups. As part of the PoAN process, we must prepare a report of the consultation, identifying all the points raised in response to the proposals, and our reaction to them. This will be published on the website to ensure transparency is maintained (however, matters raised will be broken down into issues, to ensure confidentiality)

Next Steps

On this page we will provide a timeline of how we expect the consultation and thereafter the planning and development processes to unfold. We will aim to keep this up to date with the most accurate estimates possible.


We will use this page to host plans and pictures that might be larger files, to avoid complications on the other pages. For example, the masterplan will be in the reports on the proposals page, but a high resolution version will be posted here for download.

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We have set up a dedicated email address of for people to send us comments.

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