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Sites M2 and H2 - Lochside of Leys

The proposals for development are based upon the allocations in the Local Development Plan, along with a detailed consideration of the constraints that are present on and around the site. The plan below shows an aerial photo of the Lochside of Leys area, with the principle environmental constraints highlighted. The main area in the centre of the image is the Loch of Leys Local Nature Conservation Site. Other pockets of valuable woodland and open space are also highlighted. The orange (housing) and purple (employment) shaded areas indicate the Local Development Plan development allocations.

protected areas

servicesThe masterplanning process then looks at the existing and required infrastructure and services that will serve the development area. The image on the left shows 400m and 800m (5 and 10 minute walking distances) from identified existing and proposed facilities. It identifies the necessity to provide some form of commercial opportunity to the west of the M2 site, in order to ensure that the western half of M2 and the whole of the H2 sites are not so far detached from services as to discourage walking and cycling over private car use.

The provision of commercial facilities here, along with the development of the neighbourhood centre in Hill of Banchory, and the recent completion of the Tesco supermarket, will provide services within a 10 minute walk of all new development, and within a 5 minute walk of much of it.

road alignmentAccessibility is also a key consideration. The image on the right shows the initial proposals for a new road line, based upon the existing single track road. This will be linked to Hill of Banchory via a north-south road from the existing central roundabout close to the CHP plant.

This new road network will be developed in a phased manner to serve the development proposed, and in accordance with the Transport Assessment prepared to support the proposals.

The new network will also provide a new bus route, and a roundabout junction on Raemoir Road to replace the existing Upper Lochton access, which has limited visibility.

The report considers the eastern section of the M2 site in more detail, as it is proposed as the first phase of development. The western part of site M2, and the H2 site are proposed as phase 2 areas, to be developed after 2016. This is shown on the image below.


masterplan covderThe report contains considerably more detail on the proposals than outlined on this page. Please click on the cover on the left to download the full report.


The relevant appendices can be downloaded from the links below.

Landscape Capacity Study

Ecological Assessement (zip file)

Drainage Proposals

Engineering Report



Site M1

The proposed Local Development Plan included a requirement to prepare a Development Brief for the M1 site to the east of Banchory, but this was later omitted to simplify the planning process for smaller sites of this nature. North Banchory Company had, however, already made progress with a brief, and consider the input of the local community into the development of a plan for the site to be very important. The report has therefore been finalised, and will be exhibited to the local community in the same way as the M2 and H2 masterplan report. Any feedback received will be treated in the same manner as that for the statutory consultation for the M2 and H2 sites. The aerial photograph below shows the site and its surrounding area, with key features annotated.

M1 plan

cover M1The Local Development Plan stipulates that site M1 “is allocated for a mix of uses to include up to 30 houses in the first phase as a demonstration eco-village, tourism uses, and community uses including playing fields, one full size football pitch, and a park and ride facility.” The report, which can be downloaded by clicking the cover on the right, seeks to set a clear brief for the delivery of the site in a cohesive manner, despite the various uses being diverse. The visual impact of development is important, as it will form many people's first impression of the town.

The relevant appendices can be downloaded from the links below.

Landscape Capacity Study

Engineering Report

Please email us at with any comments on either of the proposed development sites. Comments will be treated as confidential, but issues raised will be included in a report of consultation which will support our final masterplan and brief documents.