Plans and Images

As we progress through the consultation exercise, we will post plans and images on this page. At this point in time, the draft reports are available for download from the Proposals page.

The proposals have been reported in the Deeside Piper and the Press and Journal. Click here to jump to the press cuttings.

Transport Assessment

A detailed transport assessment has been carried out, and the short video below shows an excerpt from the paramics modelling, and some diagrams to show the proposed improvements to the road network to ensure the development of Banchory North and Banchory east do not affect the free flow of traffic in the town.

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Press Cuttings

Deeside Piper, Friday 9th Novmber 2012



Press and Journal, Friday 9th November 2012



Evening Espress, Saturday 17th November 2012 (left) and Press and Journal, Monday 19th November 2012 (right)

Evening expressP&J