Community Consultation

Consultation with the local community is essential to ensure that the development provides the best possible addition to the town. The Local Development Plan process involved extensive community engagement, and the resulting allocations of land have been established. The purpose of this community engagement process is therefore to seek feedback on the content of the plans for implementing the development. We are keen to hear what local people think about the proposed plans, good or bad, and what they consider may be missing, or unecessary.

The initial bid to have the land included in the Local Development Plan was submitted to the Council in September 2008. This was followed by a presentation at the Community Council led 'Making it Real' event in November, which sought the views of the local community on a wide range of local proposals and projects. Bancon were keen to make the most of the feedback from this event, and it has fed into our detailed planning for the site.

A further presentation was made to the Community Council in October 2010, outlining the final proposals put forward for inclusion in the Local Development Plan. Again, the feedback received was valuable.

Detailed Proposals

In summary, therefore, we have an allocation for housing development to the North and East of Banchory. This community consultation covers the sites within North Banchory Company's control, and seeks feedback on the detailed proposals we have been working on since October 2010. The feedback received will be taken into consideration in finalising the plans to form planning applications to enable the development to commence.

We will hold a public exhibition, displaying detailed information on the masterplan for sites M2 and H2, and detailed proposals for site M1. Whilst a single exhibition is proposed, it should be noted that: -

Sites M2 and H2 - a masterplan is required by the Local Development Plan. This must be produced with appropriate community engagement, and submitted for approval by Aberdeenshire Council. Feedback received will therefore feed into this process, as well as the required consultation in advance of a planning application for the site.

Site M1 - The initial draft of the Local Development Plan required a 'development brief' be prepared for the site, but this was removed from the final draft. However, given the fact that the site is allocated for several different uses, unlikely to be developed all at the one time, it seems practical to consult the community on a development brief type of document, to ensure a cohesive development of the site can be achieved over the coming years. Feedback received will be taken into account in the production of a final brief for the site, which will thereafter inform planning applications for the various elements therein.